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Nancy Yaki has a taste for adventure. The Alaska/California based artist feels most at home wherever she can find the powerful elements of nature and/or subjects and translate them into works of art. Traveling with her watercolors to capture scenes on-site, she might be sailing the Aleutian Islands or trekking in the high western desert. 

Internationally known for her daring, contemporary evocative style, Nancy regularly embarks on these far-flung journeys for artistic inspiration.  After amassing raw material along the way in the form of her watercolor sketches, Nancy returns to her studio and carefully curates the most compelling images to transform into larger works. Although her work elicits many comparisons to historical and contemporary masters, Nancy’s work is simultaneously acknowledged as stunningly original and inventive.

Nancy’s work has been published worldwide and has earned multiple international awards. She has been featured in art textbooks and major art periodicals, as well as countless museums and gallery exhibitions.

Nancy Yaki - ISAP Master 

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